Our experience sets us apart from other charter operators.  Greg Johnson, our Chief Pilot, will be flying you to your destination.  Greg has over 16,000 hours of flight experience and has been flying since 1985.  Many of these hours have been with Wisconsin's very own Midwest Airlines.  He served the "Best Care in the Air" for 12 years as both a First Officer and Captain.  Prior to Midwest Airlines he flew 8 years for Mesaba Airlines, flying turboprops all over the Great Lakes Region in all weather conditions.  Greg has flown to most major airports as well as many smaller airports.  He has flight experience in all weather conditions and uses every safety precaution necessary to get you comfortably to your destination.  Greg has an impeccable safety record including zero accidents/incidents/violations.  We fly a Piper Navajo Chieftain piston powered twin engine aircraft, with comfortable leather seats with room to work on your way to your destination.  You can enjoy a complimentary snack or beverage to energize you before your meeting.  Experience is very valuable when you fly.  We have that.  Call today for a no obligation quote or to talk to Greg.

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